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2024 Lake Shikaribetsu Kotan work exchange volunteers

We are looking for volunteers for construction work and operational assistance.
“Kotan” means “village” in the Ainu language.
At Lake Shikaribetsu, which is completely frozen in the winter, we use snow and ice to build ”igloos”.

Besides highly skilled staff,to building a building made of snow and ice also need the support of volunteers.
Please lend us your help in building beautiful igloos and kotan,let more tourists come to visit this ice village built with ours sweat and hard work.
This is definitely not an easy work, but you can feel a deep sense of accomplishment after it is completed,

Content of the work

・Igloo construction work (ice bar, ice open-air bath, igloos construction )
・Operational assistance (snow removal work, cleaning work, igloo repair, maintenance)
・Support for reception, guidance, and outdoor experience

How to participate

There are two ways to participate as volunteer staff.
1. Long-term participation: Have to participate for 10 days or more,we provided accommodation and meals.
2. Day participation: Those from nearby areas who do not plan to stay overnight are welcome regardless of whether it is for a short or long term!

●For long-term participation from the construction period to the operation period, transportation expenses will be subsidized for participants who participate for more than 25 days in total.
(The maximum subsidy is 30,000 yen・・・ only for Japanese national or working holiday visa and who can legally work in Japan)

Recruitment period
A. 16th December – 25th December
B. 5th January – 27th January
C. 30th January – 10th March

*AB → Construction work   C → Operational assistance
Based on participation for 10 days or more.

Recruitment requirements

Age: Under 40 years old
If you are: Interested in nature and snow, and enjoy for working together with others,and willing to get involved in construction work.
Nationality:Foreign nationals must have a work visa or working holiday visa.
There is no restriction on nationality. Applicants who can speak simple Japanese are preferred. For Work exchange,non-Japanese nationals must hold a working visa or a working holiday visa and can legally work in Japan.
※Due to legal provisions,if you are staying on the tourist visa, you need to pay 1,100 yen per day for meals and accommodation by yoursel.

Unlimited hot spring.
Accommodation (1 to 3 people per room).
Three meals .

Additional information

・After your application, the executive committee will make a selection and you will be notified of acceptance or rejection in about a week.
・If you are the volunteers in the past, please let us know by phone or email.
・During the participation will be at least one day off every 7days.

Download Application Form→ 2024ボランティア申込書
Please Email to Lake Shikaribetsu Nature Center,thanks.