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  3. Request for Sponsorship (Introduction of season pass)

Request for Sponsorship (Introduction of season pass)

Aiming for a sustainable winter event

Lake Shikaribetsu Kotan is a winter event that represents Shikaoi Town.
We were able to carry out for 40 years without interruption.
This is looking forward to Kotan and visits Lake Shikaribetsu in the middle of winter every year.
Thanks to everyone. Thanks to you, let’s make something better next year!
I have continued with the thought.

However, with the epidemic of the COVID-19 infection,the survival of the event itself has been jeopardized.
It is an event that has continued to operate independently and independently,
but it is certain that the number of visitors has been reduced to 1/4, and even maintenance of equipment has become difficult.

We want to get out of this situation as soon as possible and keep the event alive until the bustle returns.

This is the reason why we set the cooperation fee in the form of an admission season passport.
For all guests can enjoy the winter nature of Lake Shikaribetsu,
Thank you for your cooperation.

Admission season pass sponsorship fee JPY500 (elementary school students and above)

Please present it when using the Ice Bar and Open Air Hot Spring on ice.
* The admission season pass will be transferred and the sale will be invalid.

Season pass benefits

・Half price for hotel Fusui Hot Spring — Valid until January 2023
・Coupons — JPY100 coupon that can be used at Cafe Mubanchi, Nature Center, or Hotel Fusui.
・Lake Shikaribetsu Nature Center”Summer season activity” JPY1,000 off (1 person per pass).
・Special lottery — By lottery, you may win a luxurious prize!!!!