Lake Shikaribetsu
With this land For
Forty years


Lake Shikaribetsu is covered in a blanket of snow,
the harsh cold of Lake Shikaribetsu and the clear ice nurtured by the beautiful water.
Taking advantage of the blessings from nature,

A small hamlet "Kotan" is born on the lake.
The large and beautiful structure "Igloo" made only of snow and ice.

Please feel the incredible worldview in harmony with the scenery.

A scene unique to Lake Shikaribetsu that nurtures abundant water.
A whole new world only belong here.
Please enjoy it to your heart's content.


Buildings construct of ice blocks which made from solidifying the snow that has fallen on Lake Shikaribetsu with the water of the lake.

Over 10,000 blocks will be created during production period.


Ice made by Lake Shikaribetsu.
Cut out one by one carefully
Move to land,be used for decoration.


From conception to design, construction to operation, we have proceeded the style that we are satisfied with.

Because everything is original, a unique space be created and can only be found here.


Challenges come with failure.

During 40 years,we have accumulated various challenges.

A unique worldview was born in Shikaribetsuko Kotan.

With the overwhelming power of nature of Lake Shikaribetsu, a hamlet (Kotan) will be born this year as well.

A world made by the abundant nature
of Lake Shikaribetsu and
people gathered together
at Lake Shikaribetsu.

The interior of natural ice is fascinating.

Inside the ice bar, beautiful snow and ice are displayed in various shapes.

With appreciating the decoration, while taking the photo, take your time!

Have a nice time !

It is one of the pleasures to take a closer look at each of the natural ice.

Coule you find the story of the lake hidden in the ice bubbles?